This was painted on a old Bud poster. It was not sold just painted on. Cool A !!!!!!
Painted for a local FL. band called GREEN LIGHT BAND. Good band . Check out there Facebook page.
Same cross as above just not lit up.
Made this for the Wife. It is a cross on a cross and has lighting between them. This is it lit. The photo under this shows it unlit.
This is painted on a cabinet  door. Called it TROUBLED WATERS.
Painted this on My own car window. Found out it wasn't legal in FL. the hard way   : (
This is the vans drivers side rear window.
Painted this drum head for a drummer in a hippie band.He caught a buzz and forgot it,,never saw Him again. : )
This is the vans passenger rear window. Moving along--------
Painted on wood put behind a old window frame. Wish I had a better photo, but sold it... O Well---
This is one of My favorites. Liked it so much I couldn't sell it..
A friend wanted this painted. I's a old Coca Cola poster. Was not sold, but a freebee---
Painted for a Fireman. Called it FLAG TRIBUTE 343 ..
Wife said We needed a street sign,,, So I painted this one on a Tea Tray. Never guess She's British.........
Dude was at a Bluegrass fest. Got bored and painted His R/V window.. : )
Close up of our street sign....
Looks a lot like My John 3:16 but is painted on wood. Do to the sky , I call it THE LAST SUNSET....
First clock I've done. Called it THE LAND TIME WON'T FORGET a tribute to NEW YORK CITY.
I call this one HEAVEN AND HELL. It's painted on 3/4" pine that I spliced together to give it a one piece look.
Just click somewhere and see what You find ?????????????
This is a stairway to heaven that I painted on a cabinet door. Gave it a Goth look but is still a STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.
This is a SUNDOWN painted on wood with a rustic look to it.
Call this one SILENT SOUTH WEST.
This is a NEW YORK CITY TRIBUTE that I painted on wood. But when I went to urethane it ,it got a well weathered look to it. Cool A--
I can't seem not to paint My cars. This time it's My work van that I paint out of . Starting with the hood. Give it time and I'll paint it all  !!!!!!
Rear door of the van. Only 85% more of it to cover !!!!
VOODOO ISLAND. Got this idea from a mask I own. Thought it would look good on a vinyl canvas. Funky A !!!