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These are not prints but unique pieces of art . Yours may slightly vary in color & design .
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IF you would like to purchases a piece of our art, we can custom paint one just for you. Contact  us and let us know the name of the painting and colors you would like and we will ship it to you. All paintings are 16"x20" in size (standard frame size) and painted on photographic paper. All Paintings are $30.00 each (free shipping if in the continental U.S.). Contact Us for more info.
The Cove
NY Tribute (Sun)
Flag Tribute
Twin Planets
Blue Dreams ( with dolphins)
Alaskan Nights
Forbidden City
NY Tribute (Flower)
Moonglow (Flower)
Phantom Voyage (Flower)
Lighthouse (horizonal
Lighthouse (vertical)
Phantom Voyage (Sun)
phantom Voyage (Night)
Off Shore
Ship in a Bottle
Troubled Waters
Pot of Gold ( vertical)
Pot of Gold (horizontal)
Saturn Stairway
Silent Night (Southwest)
Stairway to Heaven
Super Nova
Sinking Sun
Past Future
Howl at the Moon
Humming Birds
John 3:16
Heaven and Hell
Liquid Dreams
Burgundy Ridge
Wishing Tree
Sun Up
Silent Night
Sun Down
Egyptian Nights
Bright Sun
Little Mermaid
Day to Night